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Best Management Practices for Industrial Sanitary Sewer and Storm Water Pollution Control

Sanitary sewers and storm drains are the two principal routes by which pollutants reach San Francisco Bay. Sanitary sewers carry wastes to wastewater treatment plants; even after treatment small amounts of some pollutants remain and reach the Bay. Storm drains are a separate system, which carry runoff from streets, urban centers, industrial sites, and open spaces into local streams, creeks, marshes, and ultimately to Bay waters. This manual explains how you can operate your shop to reduce the amounts of heavy metals, oily wastes, and other substances you discharge into sanitary sewers and storm drains. Understanding and using this manual will help you keep your shop in tune, protect the Bay, and comply with local wastewater discharge restrictions and storm water pollution requirements.

Best Mangement Practices For Commerical Printing Industries



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