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USD maintains dozens of facilities and thousands of pieces of equipment at our 33-acre treatment plant in Union City. The District’s Total Productive Operations Team works in conjunction with the Research and Support Team and the Fabrication, Maintenance and Construction Work Group to maintain an award-winning facility. USD’s treatment plant has received recognition annually for “Peak Performance” from the National Association of Clean Water Agencies since NACWA’s program began in 1993.

The original treatment plant at this location was built in 1962 to handle Union City's wastewater. A regional facility for Fremont, Newark and Union City was built here and went online in 1981. It has undergone several upgrades and expansions as the Tri-Cities have grown. The plant currently has the capacity to treat 33 million gallons per day. We operate 24/7/365 to fulfill our mission of protecting public health and the environment.

USD's Enhanced Treatment and Site Upgrade Program (ETSU)

USD developed the Enhanced Treatment and Site Upgrade (ETSU) program to serve as a roadmap for the treatment plant's infrastructure over the next 40 years. It considers impending regulatory requirements such as nutrient restrictions, site layout possibilities, and capacity needed to meet the General Plans of the cities served. The ETSU Program is not intended to approve any individual phase or project, but to identify the proposed plan and projects USD intends to pursue, subject to further review during a formal decision-making process. Read More >>

Odor Control at USD's Treatment Plant
On an average day, the District treats approximately 25 million gallons of wastewater for our customers in the Tri-Cities. Treatment involves separating solids from water, then stabilizing them through a natural biological process. The stabilized solids are dewatered in a high-speed centrifuge, then hauled away in covered trucks for beneficial reuse. The water is further treated, clarified and disinfected before release in the deep waters of San Francisco Bay. Read More >>



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