Residential Fats, Oils, & Grease

Disposal of Residential Fats Oils and Grease

Cooking oil and grease is delicious when used in food but disastrous when poured down the kitchen sink. While it is cooking it is in liquid form and flows freely, but as it cools, it gets hard and sticky allowing it to stick to sewer pipes. Over time the oil and grease will accumulate and may cause the sewer to backup or overflow. Overflows and backups are unsightly, smelly, and can cause major problems in local creeks if the overflow enters the storm drain system. 

Due to popular demand, Union Sanitary District and Republic Services are extending the residential cooking fats, oils and grease recycling program indefinitely. If you live in the Tri-cities, rather than pouring your cooking oil and grease into your sink at home, bring it in a sealed container to the self-serve drop off at Republic Services. They accept residential cooking oil and grease FREE of charge. Republic Services is located at 42600 Boyce Rd (between Stevenson and Auto Mall Pkwy) Monday through Friday 8am – 5pm. Call (510) 657-3500 for more information about Republic Services. 

Look for Union Sanitary District staff at local events for a FREE Grease Scraper, useful for scraping food off plates and pots prior to cleaning. It also makes a great windshield de-icer! Call Union Sanitary District for more information about our upcoming events at (510) 477-7637.

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