Prevent and Report Odors

How to Report Odors

We promptly investigate all complaints. A District representative is always available to take your report.

Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m:
(510) 477-7500, extension 0

After hours/Emergency:
(510) 477-7500, extension 1
Please remain on the line. A District employee will respond by phone or radio.

If the Sewer Odor is Outdoors:
Call USD at the numbers above. We will dispatch personnel to investigate the odor.

View our Odor Brochure for information about USD's Treatment Plant and adjacent wetlands.

View tide predictions for the USD Treatment Plant vicinity.

If the Sewer Odor is Indoors:
What you can do before calling USD:
Check your traps. A dry trap is the most common cause of sewer odors indoors. Traps are typically visible under sinks, and are similar to the drawings below. Every shower, tub, floor drain and toilet has a trap, too. Water resting at the bottom of this "U" shaped device creates a constant seal between the fixture and the sanitary sewer system.

Read more about maintaining your traps and vents.

If you have checked your traps and are still concerned about an odor in your building, call USD at the numbers above. We will dispatch personnel to investigate the odor.

Full Trap Dry Trap
Good trap2 Bad trap3
When the trap is full, odors vent normally to the atmosphere When the trap is dry, an unsafe condition may be present and odors may enter the building

What USD Does to Prevent Odors

Union Sanitary District strives to prevent odors from impacting our customers. We regularly inspect and maintain over 839 miles of our sewer lines throughout the Tri-Cities, and we routinely treat our trunk sewers and pumping system to prevent growth of odor-causing bacteria. At the Treatment Plant, we have a extensive odor control system that operates continously 24 hours a day.



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