Spill Prevention & Notification

Accidental Discharge and Spill Notification Procedures 

In the event of an accidental discharge or spill that enters or threatens to enter the SANITARY SEWER SYSTEM:

  1. Between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., call the Union Sanitary District’s Environmental Compliance Team at (510) 477-7500.
  2. Between the hours of 5:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m., or on weekends and holidays, call the Union Sanitary District’s Emergency Contact Number at (510) 477-7500.

In the event of an accidental discharge or spill that enters or threatens to enter a STORM DRAIN, CREEK OR THE BAY:

1. At any time, during or after business hours, call:

  • California Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES): (800) 852-7550
  • Union Sanitary District: (510) 477-7500
  • National Response Center: (800) 424-8802
  • California Department of Fish and Wildlife: (831) 649-2810
  • San Francisco Regional Water Quality Control Board: (510) 622-2369

2. To contact your city (Fremont, Newark, or Union City) at any time call 911.

IMPORTANT:  If safe to do so, take all precautions to prevent or minimize the actual quantity of the spill entering the sewer or storm drain system. For example, dam up the point of entry and contain spillage for physical removal.

Accidental Discharge and Spill Prevention Measures 

Do Don't
1.Institute good housekeeping practices which minimize liquid discharges. 1. Don’t allow non-storm water discharges to the City storm drain system.
2. Provide adequate and effective safeguards to prevent accidental spillage or liquids or solids to the collection system. 2. Don’t allow uncontaminated water (rain runoff or single-pass cooling water), to enter the sanitary sewer system.
3. Familiarize all employees with the nature of the liquids being handled.  3. Don’t allow discharge of batch-type commercial or industrial liquid wastes to the sanitary sewer system without prior approval.
4. Familiarize all employees with procedures to be followed in event of accidental discharges. 4. Don’t allow unnecessary solid materials to enter the sanitary sewer system.
5. Familiarize key operating personnel with the provisions of USD’s Wastewater Discharge Ordinance No. 36 and your Wastewater Discharge Permit.  5. Don’t allow discharge of any substance that could interfere with flow through the sanitary sewer system or the treatment process.
6. Maintain discharge control structures (sumps, grease traps, oil separators, etc.), and pretreatment equipment in good working order.  Inspect frequently and clean or repair as required. 6. Don’t allow organic solvents (gasoline, paint thinner, motor oil, etc.), or highly acidic or caustic substances to enter the sanitary sewer system.
7. Call the Environmental Compliance Team at  (510) 477-7500 whenever you have any questions concerning waste discharge regulations, waste discharge problems, or related matters. 7. Don’t allow discharge of any substance(s) known to be highly toxic.  When in doubt, ask us!










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