Tracts Plan Requirements

All plans must be prepared by a Registered Civil Engineer in the State of California and must clearly show the name, address, phone number and title of the company or person preparing the plans.

The plans must be drawn to adequate scale, with north arrow shown.

Submit 2 full size civil sets of site plans or street improvement plans and Tract Maps, and one digital submittal of the site plan. See USD's digital submittal guidelines.

The site plan must show:

  • Public street and property dimensions
  • All existing and proposed buildings, labeled with general usage and plotted accurately on site
  • Areas to be paved and those left unpaved clearly marked
  • Ground floor and pad elevations of all buildings
  • Finished ground elevations at key points and curb elevations of public street
  • Existing ground elevations where cover over proposed sewer is to be less than two (2) feet at time of construction
  • Plan and profile views for any sanitary sewer mains to be constructed
  • Clearly label any sanitary sewer crossings with inverts and clearances
  • Rim elevation of nearest existing public sanitary sewer manhole in the street drawn to scale or with its distance shown to the site's property corner
  • Existing and proposed utilities plotted correctly and labeled
  • The proposed sanitary sewer must be shown with size, material, minimum slope and invert elevations. Show elevation of all utilities at sanitary sewer crossings
  • Proposed structures such as cleanouts, manholes (with rim elevations), etc. labeled and shown on the plan
  • Plumbing fixture unit count shown for each building (condominiums only)


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