Sewer Service Charges

Union Sanitary District periodically must increase its rates to continue providing safe, reliable, and environmentally responsible wastewater services to its customers. All property owners in the District’s service boundaries were mailed a Notice of Public Hearing in March 2020 regarding proposed rate increases for Fiscal Years 2021 through 2025. The public hearing regarding proposed rates was held during USD’s May 11, 2020 Board meeting. To read the May 11, 2020 Board meeting packet, please see the Board Meetings web page.

USD’s Directors approved rates for FY 2021 through FY 2025 during the regular Board meeting held May 11, 2020.  During the Board meeting held May 26, 2020, the Board adopted a resolution deferring collection of residential rate increases for Fiscal Year 2021 until Fiscal Year 2022. 

Due to legal constraints, USD does not currently offer a ratepayer assistance program. The USD Board of Directors has made it a top priority for staff to actively search for funding opportunities that would enable the District to provide a ratepayer assistance program. Please click on the "USD Seeking Funding for Ratepayer Assistance" link below for more information.

PDFs of Ordinance 31.40, a table of Adopted Rates for FY 21 - 25, the notification mailer, the cost of service analysis upon which the rates are based, a detailed fact sheet, and answers to frequently asked questions may be found at the links below:


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