Metals Machine Shops

The Machine Shops in the Tri-City area work on metal by cutting, metal removing, and/or forming which may include: Broaching, Turning, Milling, Threading, Tapping, Drilling, Forming, Stamping, Drawing, and Honing. The Machine Shops accomplish these methods by Computer Numeric Controlled (CNC) machines that use an onboard water based coolant. The water based coolant splashes on the part and the tool so that frictional temperatures do not ruin them.

Over time, water based coolant loses its effectiveness and must be replaced. In order to prolong the use of the coolant a strategy of fluid management must be used. Fluid management includes onboard filtering of the solids, replenishing evaporated water, removing oils, hauling off waste coolant by contract.

When hauling of waste coolant it is best that the material is not hazardous due to the cost and liability associated with hazardous waste management. This can be accomplished by consulting with your supplier and implementing BMP’s and pollution prevention.

A primary objective of fluid management is to keep the fluid from becoming a hazardous waste!



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