Sewer Repairs/Replacements/Additions

A plan submittal is usually not necessary when applying for a permit for a sewer repair, a sewer replacement or building additions with less than 100 feet of new lateral sewer line to be installed, unless requested by USD's Engineer.

Upon payment of all fees and evidence of a city building permit, a sewer permit may be issued to the party contracted to do the underground construction.

After obtaining a permit, call 24 hours before beginning sewer construction to schedule an inspection.

Homeowner Information Brochure

Lateral Permit Application

Lateral Installation Guide

Permit Fees and Deposit:

Permit Fee     $50.00
Inspection Fees:    
- Property Line to Building   $150.00
- Main to Property Line (unless previously existing/inspected)   $150.00
Subtotal   $350.00
Deposit (refundable after acceptance)   $500.00
Total Fees and Deposit:   $850.00

If an addition involves an Accessory Dwelling Unit, a capacity fee may also be due. See Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)


Pipe bursting is an acceptable method of sewer pipe replacement: Read our Homeowner Information Brochure.

In addition to the permit application, the following must be submitted:

  • A video of the existing sewer lateral must be presented and found acceptable by the permit counter staff for pipe bursting (Generally this means no sags in the area to be pipe burst)
  • Pipe Bursting Approval Form must be signed by the owner of the property

All contractors wishing to obtain sewer construction permits for work in the Union Sanitary District must present evidence of current California Contractors license, Workers Compensation insurance, and General Liability Insurance with Union Sanitary District as an additional insured.

For more information, see our Sewer Repairs and Sewer Safety pages.

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